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Do I need an attorney?

Although it is permitted for an injured employee to represent himself it is very difficult. Only a lawyer is allowed to represent an injured worker during a hearing.

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Welcome to Costner Law Group
Experienced Law Firm Specializing in Victim's Rights Our firm is an experienced law firm specializing in fighting for victim's rights.

Elizabeth DeVaughn Costner will help you recover losses and damages resulting from negligence and work injuries. She is also an expert with insurance litigation. As a highly skilled attorney with years of experience, she is able to provide you with the best chance for a swift and fair result.
Treating Workers' Comp and Personal Injury Personally
Friendly Consultations Help Your Workers' Comp and Personal Injury Cases Disputes over workers’ compensation benefits are common. Disputes may arise over your eligibility to receive benefits or the amount of benefits, and may have to be decided by a workers’ compensation judge.

We can help you in many ways if you are hurt on the job. We will inform you about your rights and the benefits you can receive, assist you in filing your claim, and help make sure you receive all benefits. If it is necessary to file a case, we will plan the strategy, gather the information needed to support your claim, keep track of important deadlines, and represent you in hearings before a workers’ compensation judge.
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