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Lost Wages

When there is an injury resulting in time off from work, the liable party is responsible for paying lost wages. Some insurance policies will cover lost wages while others do not. If the policy does not cover wages the individual at fault may have to sued to in order for lost wages to be reimbursed. In the case of an uninsured motorist being at fault, attaining reimbursement will be especially difficult. Carrying short- and long-term disability insurance for yourself and other family members is a wise investment of money.

Stress Claims

Workers' compensation covers injuries and illness that occur at work. These injuries fall into four basic categories. traumatic physical injuries, repeated trauma injuries, mental injury and occupational disease. Although employers and insurers try limiting coverage for mental injuries, these injuries are covered in most states but remember state laws vary. Stress associated with work or an injury received at work can lead to mental disease, especially depression. If an employee is injured and becomes disabled for a period of time depression can set in. In other cases, one traumatic event may be enough to cause a mental stress problem. For example, if an employee saw a co-employee lose one of their limbs in a piece of machinery, that shock might cause the employee a great deal of stress about working on that piece of machinery again. Extraordinary stress in the work place resulting in mental injuries may be recoverable depending on the state.

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