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Understanding what you get if you're injured on the job Do you know your rights if you get hurt at work? Worker's compensation ensures that you're reimbursed for short- and long-term expenses related to injury. In order to guarantee that you receive what you're entitled to, it's important to understand how this coverage works. Worker's Comp Explained Worker's compensation laws cover both at-work and work-related injuries. That means whether you get hurt at the actual location of your job or while performing job duties elsewhere, you're entitled to coverage.
You should receive worker's comp if you experience any of the following: • Unexpected accidents • Repetitive stress injuries • Illness resulting from exposure to poor work environment • Complications from excessive emotional stress If your employer doesn't have worker's compensation insurance in place, you may be entitled to sue the company for coverage in the event of an injury. Coverage for Injury When you file a worker's compensation claim, the resulting payments are meant to cover medical treatment including transportation, emergency care and any necessary follow-up appointments. It should also cover rehabilitation or physical therapy to get you healthy and whole again. Payments for the time you need to take off to recover usually amount to around 67% of your regular salary. If your injury results in complications that restrict or inhibit your ability to return to work, you should receive ongoing disability payments. For those who can still work but can no longer do the same job, there's compensation for vocational rehabilitation to allow a smooth transition to a new career. Occasionally workplace injuries or illnesses that result from chemical exposure may lead to death. Worker's compensation pays benefits to a deceased worker's dependents to help them cover burial costs and offers a measure of financial security. Possible Disputes Although worker's comp is designed to cover all of these areas, complications may interfere with your ability to get the coverage you're entitled to. Never let your employer talk you into not filing if you're hurt on the job, and make sure that the doctor you're sent to see doesn't short-change you by refusing to give you an off-work order. Some doctors also minimize the severity of injuries. Getting professional legal help in these situations gives you the power to fight unfair practices. If you're hurt on the job, contact us at Costner Law Group. We'll help you wade through the jargon of worker's compensation law and get the coverage you need to get back on your feet. The lawyers at our Savannah Georgia law firm are equipped with the expertise necessary to settle any disputes and ensure that you receive the level of compensation you deserve.

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